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Securely managing the collaborative power of a Hollywood giant

Leslie Osborne is the Assistant Manager, Worldwide Creative Content at Paramount Pictures. With a long title and an even longer list of responsibilities, Osborne is at the charge to create and oversee marketing content across some of Paramount’s largest feature films, including Interstellar, Transformers, The Big Short, and more recently, Arrival, Fences, and Silence.


A Semester at Wiredrive

If you told me a year ago that I would be working at a software company, I wouldn’t believe you. But here I am, as the same art student, savoring the last fleeting moments of my marketing internship at Wiredrive.


Wiredrive Proudly Sponsors Women in Film

While conversations on gender equality in the film industry have always been happening, they have really been thrust into the spotlight with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs investigating the industry’s hiring practices to uncover gender biases. Additionally, the recent Free the Bid initiative which has gained a huge following over social media pushes to amplify the voices of female directors in the advertising industry.


The Team is the Platform

My journey to Wiredrive starts in a galaxy far, far away (aka Santa Monica, Calif.) A place many leading software companies call home; a place that births new and exciting start-ups as well. Riot Games, TrueCar, The Honest Company and Activision, all got their start here.


Average Media Agency Pricing 2016

Media agencies offer a wide variety of services, from blogging to video production. As such, their average fees are often changing, as evolving consumer trends impact client needs. Fortunately, new tech innovations have also helped teams collaborate more easily, allowing them to provide a greater quantity of content to their clients in a shorter period of time. Media management apps like Wiredrive, for example, make sharing, storing, and reviewing media assets a much simpler process, boosting the workflow of agencies.


Captivating audiences with Wiredrive

Making time for work that matters Creative services for on-air campaigns at FX Networks previously required a protocol that involved a sludge of meetings, which ultimately resulted in an increase in workload for teams. Wiredrive simplified their highly iterative process by allowing the team to cut back on meetings and focus more on meaningful projects.


How to Send Large Video Files and Promote Better Workflow

One thing that every media company has in common is the need for a platform that allows for fast and easy sharing of large video files. Whether you are an independent contractor or an international media company, Wiredrive is the best business solution for sending large video files.


Cultivating and curating talent for commercial success with Wiredrive

Always ‘Unstoppable’ Commercial via Chelsea Taking communication to the next level Wiredrive is a key component to simplifying Chelsea Pictures’ work processes, from project management to group meetings. The ease of access to information from past and current projects and clients keeps communication running smoothly within the team, as well as with partners and clients.


How 360° Video is Transforming Viewer Experience

For brands already working with video content or looking to start, the emergence of 360° video is an exciting concept. It is still quite new for consumers, and it offers companies a new method of creating big impact content that is immersive and spectacularly visual.