A Semester at Wiredrive

If you told me a year ago that I would be working at a software company, I wouldn’t believe you. But here I am, as the same art student, savoring the last fleeting moments of my marketing internship at Wiredrive.

When I was on the hunt for an internship this summer, I searched for anything that would potentially fulfill both my vital passion for the arts and my new interest in communications. Coming across Wiredrive, I was hesitant about the industry I felt alien to but was drawn to its ardor for creativity.

I quickly discovered that Wiredrive isn’t in fact an ordinary tech company, and that we weren’t so unalike. I grew akin to the team by sharing its values of collaboration and creativity that are exactly what makes the service flourish for 1500, and counting, companies around the world. At the same time, I cherished these values more and more each day, whether through seeing endless #Wiredrivers winning major awards for their fine artistic productions or being appreciated for my (often absurd) graphic ideas for social.


It was exciting to enter the doors of creativity other than its artistic form that I had only been accustomed to, and especially exciting to contribute to this link between technology, collaboration, and creativity from our marketing “room” alongside others’ in our open house plan.


Simply put, my experience at Wiredrive is similar to my first virtual reality experience at our Kickoff for VRLA event. Some things–like our shared values and the painting gestures used with the Google Tilt Brush–were familiar, but everything else like a triumphant company culture was exceptionally new. In the way that I was immersed into my own picture world using the HTC Vive, I became immersed in once foreign worlds of media-sharing technology, advertising, and production during my internship.


Working at my desk with Melo the dog snoozing behind my back, reaching the positive ratio on Twitter, constant trips to the snack cabinet and coffee machine, and festivities such as the glorious buffet for Thanksgiving or decorating the Christmas tree are only a few memories among the many lasting assets that the flame-centered cloud have ingrained in me. The memories, relationships, and knowledge I gained will all continue to shape me, as I now navigate through the rest of my art studies at school while venturing out to reach my career goals that have become much more transparent, thanks to Wiredrive.


By Katie DiMento