MediaSilo and Wiredrive Join Together to Evolve Collaboration

We are pleased to announce that effective immediately, Wiredrive and MediaSilo have joined forces to become the largest platform for creative video collaboration in advertising and media & entertainment.

Similar to MediaSilo, Wiredrive began serendipitously.  As a design agency servicing the nation’s top ad agencies and production companies, we needed a better way to share large images and videos with customers, and a seamless way to collect feedback or approval. As a matter of business necessity, we built what would become Wiredrive — a gathering place for creative and business professionals to collaborate and securely present complex video and rich media files.

To continue evolving and serving our customers effectively, it’s time for us to reimagine what we pioneered more than a decade ago.  As a combined entity with more than 1,800 customers globally, we will be able to focus our resources in new ways. These are exciting times, with content creation on the rise, and the business of creativity being redefined on what seems like a daily basis. New economies of scale challenge existing models and open doors for new approaches to storytelling. We promise to be a change agent, a partner by your side, and an innovator that helps you keep your focus on the business — not technology — of creativity.

As part of combining the businesses, we are announcing a $7M capital raise from Boston-based Schooner Capital to accelerate growth towards our unified vision. Schooner is a great partner for us as they approach their investments with a long-term perspective. They already have multiple investments in the video space and first invested in MediaSilo in 2012.

We also welcome Kai Pradel of MediaSilo as the CEO of this new entity.  We’ve known Kai for many years and have had the utmost respect for his ideas and his dedication to customers.  Inspired by his vision and energy, we look forward to his leadership.   

Soon we will share our new product vision with you.  We recently gave 12 industry leaders a sneak peek of our new product and here is what they said: “There is nothing like this in video today…”, “I find this inspirational…”, “When can I have this?”.

On behalf of the entire Wiredrive team and MediaSilo, we want to express our genuine excitement about the road ahead and sincere appreciation for your continued trust in us.

To read more about this exciting news, please check out our press release.  


The Wiredrive Founders
Taylor Tyng
Bill Sewell
Mitch Bassett

By Katie DiMento