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Phoebe Owens

Wieden + Kennedy

Hear from Wieden + Kennedy's digital librarian, Phoebe Owens, and how she uses metadata to keep a memory of the agency's award-winning work.

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Jon Drawbaugh

Head of Production at DDB

“Wiredrive plays a big part throughout the entirety of our workflow, from sharing briefing materials through production reviews to final files. I’d be lost without it.”


Messaging 7 billion people in 7 days: How do you collaborate effectively?

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Anthony Greco

Manager of Information Security and Systems at Trailer Park

“Wiredrive has allowed our people to focus on the creative and less on the technical. In an industry where every second counts, Wiredrive has removed a layer of complication from their day-to-day workflow.”


Streamlining creative workflow to captivate audiences

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Carla de Menezes Ribeiro

Assistant Producer at Goodoil Films

“Wiredrive is very essential to bringing in both new business and for marketing purposes once a particular piece of work or film has been completed.”


Kamila Prokop

Sales Rep at Maven Label

“Wiredrive is integral to my workflow. It’s the #1 tool I use when presenting talent for a particular job. Customizing my talent reels to tailor to the client’s needs is vital to getting the job.”


Cultivating and curating talent for commercial success

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Darcy Parsons

Exec Producer at Brewster Parsons

“We use Wiredrive on a daily basis and can’t imagine life without it. Our experience with the product has been so outstanding, we haven’t considered other options.”


Matthew Turke

Head of Production at Odd NY

“What Wiredrive really succeeds in is how your presentations appear to clients. Everyone we work with knows how to use Wiredrive, and the aesthetics, ease of use, and user experience of it are all great.”


Inspiring the creative leaders of tomorrow

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Scott Werlein

Global Content Strategy Manager at Cisco

“Wiredrive has streamlined our workflow and enabled our small team to manage numerous clients and still maintain a consistent level of quality.”


Chuck Ryant

Partner + Executive Producer at Bob Industries

“Wiredrive has brilliant ways for us to express our creativity and to utilize our collaboration abilities to the fullest.”


Making a meaningful first impression

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Ruth Schiller

VP of On-Air Promotions at FX Networks

“Wiredrive is the must-have cloud media service for creative professionals needing to share and review media promotions, advertising, and marketing.”


Dayna-Rae Vecsi

Digital Operations Supervisor at R/GA

“We chose Wiredrive over other systems because it offers a simple functionality that’s easily accessible to our editors, producers and clients.”


Creating the soundtrack for humanity

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