Cultivating and curating talent for commercial success with Wiredrive

Chelsea Pictures, a production and talent management company, uses Wiredrive to actively track the progress of creative work and create a centralized hub for collaboration in order to perennially collaborate with the industry’s best. Their work across broadcast, digital, film, TV, branded entertainment, and print has garnered the industry’s top accolades, and the work of their directors has been showcased at the Sundance and Cannes film festivals, among others.

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Taking communication to the next level

Wiredrive is a key component to simplifying Chelsea Pictures’ work processes, from project management to group meetings. The ease of access to information from past and current projects and clients keeps communication running smoothly within the team, as well as with partners and clients. Whether they’re trying to find a specific director or an updated rough cut, Chelsea Pictures relies on Wiredrive as a content repository that’s crucial to decision making.

“We have team conference calls on Monday mornings to talk about what the week ahead looks like and what’s happening in production. We use Wiredrive as a way to communicate with our reps, executive producers, and everyone in the company about everything our directors are doing,” explains Allison Amon, co-founder and partner.

“One of the reasons we started sending treatments through Wiredrive was so we could trace where the treatments were going, who was looking at it, and how often they were looking. Knowing when an agency producer has looked at our treatment has been super helpful in knowing when to make that next follow-up phone call. How quickly someone looks at your project is often an indication of whether you’ll get the job or not.”

“How quickly someone looks at your project is often an indication of whether you’ll get the job or not.”

One step ahead

Before joining Wiredrive in 2007, Chelsea Pictures e-mailed PDFs of treatments to showcase work to clients. Since making the switch, the company has saved precious time and cut down on the follow-up process as a result of Wiredrive’s ability to track and notify the team of any project viewing activity.

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Delivering the perfect pitch

Chelsea Pictures captures the eye of agencies and production companies by using Wiredrive to create custom reels of their talent’s best work, which they often modify in real-time to tailor to their client’s preferences. By having complete control over the way they build and bundle reels in Wiredrive Library, Chelsea Pictures is able to stand out from the crowd and present work in a concise yet influential way. “All of our work is categorized in our Wiredrive system. If an agency producer is looking for a certain director, we put together custom reels that we can quickly adjust based on what they’d like to see—it’s a significantly easy process,” adds Allison.

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By Edan Shekar