Inspiring passion and creativity in tomorrow’s leaders with Wiredrive

Brother, an international advertising school in 13 countries, uses Wiredrive to streamline their globally dispersed teams’ workflow and manage knowledge in a constantly changing environment. As the most awarded creative school in the world, Brother has won gold medals in the Young Guns of Cannes category and a CLIO award for student work.

A better way to collaborate

Brother is widely distributed and constantly sharing information with offices and schools in Los Angeles, Miami, Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, and 12 other Latin American cities. With Wiredrive, the team easily uploads and downloads information like course videos and marketing and educational content into Wiredrive Library without having to second-guess how long it’s going to take.

“Our workflow process was very slow prior to Wiredrive. We would spend the whole day trying to send information between all of our schools. Now, we are 40% more productive!”

Creating a unified culture

Each of Brother’s schools is set up with a Wiredrive account and a site manager who is responsible for uploading daily content as a way to keep other schools in the loop about what’s going on in different locations. By maintaining a company-wide knowledge base that is accessible to everyone, teams feel connected and on the same page.

“Simplicity was the most important thing we wanted when we were looking for a new solution. Wiredrive is a simple and fast platform where we could upload, download, and send presentations, videos, casting and files for our worldwide business,” says Diego.


Using technology for a competitive advantage

Diego and his team are constantly traveling from one country to another, and frequently have to make presentations to students, faculty, agencies, clients, franchise buyers, investors and other partners. Since they are always on deadline, Brother relies on Wiredrive Library to quickly build and customize presentations that connect and convert audiences. “Wiredrive is a central place where we can instantly build and make presentations. We save time and money by having one platform that allows us to make as many presentations as we want,” adds Diego.

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By Katie DiMento