Making a meaningful first impression with Wiredrive

New Mac, an award-winning, Australian-based video production company, uses Wiredrive to produce branded videos, training, and educational content in order to create meaningful connections with audiences. Helmed by founder and managing director James McPherson, New Mac is more than a production company—it’s a think tank for creativity; a resource that brands trust to tell their stories. We sat down with James to hear why they chose Wiredrive to produce high-quality video for corporate Australian brands.

What makes Wiredrive different than the tools you are currently using today?

Wiredrive is a tremendous resource for us when it comes to business development opportunities because we’re able to review, approve, and pitch work in one single platform. We have an entirely cloud-based workflow (except for offline editing work), and Wiredrive is the final piece of the puzzle for us to work in a single system. It’s very exciting when you find a tool you like and it’s easy to use.

What was previously lacking in your workflow that you are now able to achieve with Wiredrive?

We have never had the ability to archive our work before in a way that’s quick and simple. Our previous archive was a dreadful experience, and was a tedious task if you didn’t have all the right info. It is very easy for us to search and find things in Wiredrive Library thanks to the metadata, tags, and keywords we use to categorize our work. As a company that produces as much as 3,000 deliverables per year, it is extremely powerful and valuable for us to see all the work we’ve produced over the years.

“Wiredrive makes us extremely efficient in how we’re able to quickly respond to business opportunities, as well as how we present ourselves to those opportunities.”

How does Wiredrive perform with the current state of Internet bandwidth and speed in Australia?

Wiredrive’s speed has worked great for us; it’s efficient compared to other U.S. services we’ve used in the past—and that is critical. It’s important for our clients to have a great viewing experience so that’s why speed, performance, and upload functionality are the top three reasons why we chose Wiredrive over other tools we were evaluating.

How is Wiredrive going to help your sales team?

It’s a healthy platform that really simplifies communication between our sales team and clients. We’ve significantly cut down the turnaround time for creating and pitching reels. As a result, we’re now able to work faster and this is huge for us.

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By Edan Shekar