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The Team is the Platform

My journey to Wiredrive starts in a galaxy far, far away (aka Santa Monica, Calif.) A place many leading software companies call home; a place that births new and exciting start-ups as well. Riot Games, TrueCar, The Honest Company and Activision, all got their start here.


Average Media Agency Pricing 2016

Media agencies offer a wide variety of services, from blogging to video production. As such, their average fees are often changing, as evolving consumer trends impact client needs. Fortunately, new tech innovations have also helped teams collaborate more easily, allowing them to provide a greater quantity of content to their clients in a shorter period of time. Media management apps like Wiredrive, for example, make sharing, storing, and reviewing media assets a much simpler process, boosting the workflow of agencies.


Dropbox Alternatives for Agencies and How to Migrate

For nearly a decade, Dropbox has helped media companies and creative agencies collaborate on their projects with greater efficiency. While many have embraced the benefits the service offers, enough time has passed for teams to realize that Dropbox is not tailored to everyone’s needs. Specifically, agencies that work extensively with video have found that slow upload speeds, poor playback quality, and limited branding options make Dropbox an imperfect tool for their projects. As video becomes a more ubiquitous component of the digital landscape, the demand for an alternative option has grown.


How Big Brands Manage Video Assets

Big brands today deal with a significantly greater quantity of digital and video assets than ever before. As a result, these companies have had to find better and more efficient ways to manage their assets.


Using Analytics on Your Media Files

No matter what type of content you produce, analytics play a major role in your ability to be successful. This is just as true for a video as it is for a listicle. By understanding what does and does not engage an audience, you can fine-tune your work in the future.


Tips for Showing a Client a Media Reel

If you work in video production or a similar creative field, your media reel is key to getting more clients. You have to make a great impression in a short amount of time. That means carefully curating your own work to make sure the best clips are on display, while also remembering that out of context, they might not have the same effect.


How to Use Cloud Based Video Management

For media agencies and creative teams, finding the right video management system plays a major role in boosting efficiency. Agencies needs to be able to easily organize their files, keep them secure, and access and share them quickly. Many are finding that cloud-based video management offers the perfect solution.


How to Send Large Video Files and Promote Better Workflow

One thing that every media company has in common is the need for a platform that allows for fast and easy sharing of large video files. Whether you are an independent contractor or an international media company, Wiredrive is the best business solution for sending large video files.


April 2016 – Monthly Product Update

Our mission at Wiredrive has always been to make the creative process for video and other rich media faster, easier, and more efficient. Now, we’re expanding our mission to connect the creative and business workflows, helping you get your content from idea to screen. Over the next twelve months you will see Wiredrive improve our existing feature set, and expand into new features for both creative and business teams.