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Tips for Showing a Client a Media Reel

If you work in video production or a similar creative field, your media reel is key to getting more clients. You have to make a great impression in a short amount of time. That means carefully curating your own work to make sure the best clips are on display, while also remembering that out of context, they might not have the same effect.


How to Use Cloud Based Video Management

For media agencies and creative teams, finding the right video management system plays a major role in boosting efficiency. Agencies needs to be able to easily organize their files, keep them secure, and access and share them quickly. Many are finding that cloud-based video management offers the perfect solution.


How to Send Large Video Files and Promote Better Workflow

One thing that every media company has in common is the need for a platform that allows for fast and easy sharing of large video files. Whether you are an independent contractor or an international media company, Wiredrive is the best business solution for sending large video files.


April 2016 – Monthly Product Update

Our mission at Wiredrive has always been to make the creative process for video and other rich media faster, easier, and more efficient. Now, we’re expanding our mission to connect the creative and business workflows, helping you get your content from idea to screen. Over the next twelve months you will see Wiredrive improve our existing feature set, and expand into new features for both creative and business teams.


The Best Way to Share Media to Improve Workflow

As any media company will know, a streamlined and efficient workflow is dependent on sharing media files quickly, easily, and reliably. Wiredrive was created with this in mind, giving businesses one file sharing site for all their media assets. Having a single centralized platform for all your media file management needs will ensure optimum media sharing capabilities and increased production workflow.


10 safety tips from the AICP Security Panel

What is step one to put security policies in place? What kind of free or paid resources should you turn to? Hear from our CTO, Daniel Bondurant, and security experts as they discuss security best practices. Below are a few key actions we took away from the AICP Security Panel.


Complete Guide: Building Better Collaborative Teams

Team collaboration is one of the most essential elements to running a successful business. A collaborative workforce not only provides a more streamlined and positive environment for your employees, but it also ensures the utmost satisfaction of both your team and your customers. So how exactly do you go about building better collaborative teams?


A Quick Primer For Selecting A Digital Asset Management Solution

The Digital Asset Management (DAM) space is transforming. Agencies and corporations are fully investing and taking advantage of the benefits of DAM: reduction in asset creation costs, accelerated delivery, increased productivity, risk reduction, media reuse, data insight, etc. The result is a barrage of voices and products overlapping and cannibalizing one or another, evangelizing best practices lists and ROI charts. It finally would appear that good organization and true team collaboration is finally sexy. Hallelujah!


Encode Videos Online: How to Be Sure Your Files Will Always Play

The internet is a powerful tool: It provides us with endless opportunity to share files and collaborate faster. It can also be a harsh mistress, providing us with endless headaches when files won’t open and videos refuse to play. We’ve all experienced the frustration of a failed video upload.