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The Crucial, Missing Part of the Digital Asset Management Conversation: Culture

The Digital Asset Management (DAM) space is transforming. Agencies and corporations are fully investing and taking advantage of the benefits of DAM: reduction in asset creation costs, accelerated delivery, increased productivity, risk reduction, media reuse, data insight, etc. The result is a barrage of voices and products overlapping and cannibalizing one or another, evangelizing best practices lists and ROI charts. It finally would appear that good organization and true team collaboration is finally sexy. Hallelujah!


Security Checklist: Easy things companies can do to increase security

You can break cyber security down to three basic areas: People, Process and Technology. All three are necessary to have a properly functioning digital security strategy. Below is a checklist of what companies can do to keep assets safe.


Present Your ProRes File in Under 4 Minutes

We’ve all faced it – late night edit sessions, final cut-downs, revisions, revisions and even more revisions. The video spot is almost done, it’s uploaded your online media-sharing software, and time to deliver a version to your various audiences so they can make decisions and provide feedback (post, VFX, review, approval). Time is of essence and you need to deliver the right version to each person to meet your deadline.


Manage Your Media More Efficiently: Download our latest eGuide

Creative and entertainment companies are often in the spotlight due to the high volume of sensitive content being produced.


Why I left certainty for excitement and joined Wiredrive

My journey to Wiredrive starts in a galaxy far, far away (aka Santa Monica, Calif.) A place many leading software companies call home; a place that births new and exciting start-ups as well. Riot Games, TrueCar, The Honest Company and Activision, all got their start here.