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For those with large, historical libraries of work, cloud-based storage can be a blessing. Having access to all of your files from any internet connected computer is game changing. In the beginning we relied on simple emails to transfer files. But we all know how “organized” our inboxes are (it’s very difficult to find what you are looking for). Next came FTP, enabling us to securely store and share different types of files. FTP is great for transferring large files but horrible for search, preview, and playback.

But as technology advanced, so did the world of digital asset management. We now have a pool of great cloud-based solutions. These range from simple online storage vaults to more robust tools that allow for online collaboration and review and approval.

However, with news tools, come new problems – “file overload.” You have all 10,000+ files loaded in your library, but what happens when you need to find a specific spot? What happens when you know don’t know the title, but only the director (or actor or agency)? Do you rip your hair out and scream?

Cloud-based Library is a Good First Step

The problem with a folder-like storage system is the way it is organized – if you keep your work like that there is no efficient way to search for what you want. Things get lost or misplaced easily. What you need is structured metadata tagging system within a cloud-based library where you can simply search through massive multimedia and find just what you need when you need it– for your pitches, presentations, videos, etc.

What does that mean for creatives? You should think of structured metadata tagging as a way to give your tagging system a hierarchy, eventually saving you time, money and shot nerves. Just like folders have files, now your tags can be clustered under a category, categories can be grouped and you’ll have keywords for fast, cross-category search. This way, when you search for a specific piece of work, you get the one you need.

Metadata and Advanced Search – get the most of it

A well-thought-out metadata structure can mean the difference between landing that big job and aimlessly searching for the right videos to send. Use all the resources you can to make yourself more efficient and your job less stressful.
This simple eGuide includes some great tips and a simple check-list on how to get started and get the most of a good, cloud-based library. In this eGuide you’ll recognize some of the most common situations and best practices on how to effectively manage your media via advanced tagging options. You’ll find out:

  • How to become more effective in your everyday job
  • How to avoid chaos working on multiple locations on multiple projects with multiple teams
  • How to save money and time
  • How not to misplace an important file ever again

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By Taylor Tyng