Why I left certainty for excitement and joined Wiredrive

My journey to Wiredrive starts in a galaxy far, far away (aka Santa Monica, Calif.) A place many leading software companies call home; a place that births new and exciting start-ups as well. Riot Games, TrueCar, The Honest Company and Activision, all got their start here.

Additionally, my former employer Cornerstone OnDemand was one of the first—if not the first—to start the LA Tech scene back in 1999. At Cornerstone, I had the opportunity to lead the Platform and Data Engineering teams re-imagining Cornerstone’s core product architecture. What does that mean? You know Salesforce.com’s “Platform-as-a-Service” thing? We built it for Cornerstone.

From there, I had the opportunity to drive Cornerstone’s largest acquisition, Evolv, which catapulted Cornerstone into the forefront of predictive talent analytics. It was a fun ride while it lasted, but I started yearning for something more; something Cornerstone could not give me.

It wasn’t the charter, that’s for sure. Building a Salesforce-like platform was a moonshot. And for those that know me, I love moonshots. Instead, the missing piece was quite simple: culture.


A different (but better) way of thinking

I sought out a culture where technologists thrive, grow, innovate, and sometimes disrupt seemingly un-disrupt-able industries. The place where technologists try new things, spit in the face of adversity, and persevere.

I’m not saying there is a one-size-fits-all culture model; different companies have varying degrees of these attributes. I simply needed a company that better matched me.


The business of creativity

Wiredrive is in the business of facilitating creativity through technology. It is often called the Rolls Royce of its product segment because of the reliability, feature set, speed, and quality. A product our 1500+ customers use daily to drive creative business across the globe.  My first impressions of the product were all of those things. But meeting customers who light up when talking about the product is even more remarkable to me.

But like all things in technology, there’s always a next level. And at Wiredrive, we believe the next level is to be the place where people come to share, discuss, collaborate, and integrate the business of creativity. It facilitates rather than inhibits. And most importantly, it becomes the fabric of how they conduct their creative lives.


A culture where every moment counts

So what does culture have to do with the business of creativity? Everything in my opinion.

Coming from a 1,700+ person organization to a dramatically smaller one at Wiredrive has fairly obvious differences. The pace of change, thrill of the unknown, and scale of impact are exhilarating. And having peers that are equally or more excited, smart, and driven on the adventure further adds to the sentiment.

Wiredrive is a meeting place for technologists to innovate new ways to share, discuss, collaborate, and integrate the business of creativity. And underpinning that is the cultural understanding that technology is a respected discipline that enables, rather than disables, the business.

In my mind, Wiredrive provided the piece of the culture puzzle I was missing. We try, fail, learn, and grow in order to build a great product for our users, while growing in a place that fosters and balances investments in craftsmanship with the need to move the business.

By Katie DiMento