April 2016 – Monthly Product Update

Wiredrive has been the industry standard for video & rich media sharing and collaboration for over a decade. Back when we launched, you actually had to dub a tape, then drive or ship it so stakeholders could review your work (anybody remember that?). Things have changed a lot since then, right? Wiredrive was the first to change all that – taking the process of sharing from 24 hours to 24 seconds.

Our mission at Wiredrive has always been to make the creative process for video and other rich media faster, easier, and more efficient. Now, we’re expanding our mission to connect the creative and business workflows, helping you get your content from idea to screen.

Over the next twelve months you will see Wiredrive improve our existing feature set, and expand into new features for both creative and business teams. We’ve grown our engineering and product teams a lot in the last quarter, and we are gearing up for the first of many releases to come, with both new features and major improvements to existing features.

Here’s just a taste of the new features and improvements coming in the next couple months. It’s gonna be awesome.

360° Video Support

By February, 360° videos on Facebook already had millions of views a day. Now it’s April and 360° is bigger than ever. VR is happening – and we’re pretty excited about it. We’re so excited that we decided to add support for 360° video within Wiredrive, as well as externally when presenting in our redesigned presentations (see below) – so you can view and share your 360° video work easily.

And don’t worry, our 360° player will support 4K+ resolutions so your videos are crisp and clear (we’ll let you know official specs when it’s a little closer).


Adobe Premiere Pro Integration

Time is money, right? With more time you could take on more projects, hang out with friends and family, or finally do that spring cleaning you’ve been meaning to get to.

Now you can forget spending all that extra time downloading, encoding, and then uploading your sequences for review and approval. With Wiredrive’s integration, you can import and upload sequences directly to Wiredrive without ever leaving Premiere Pro. On upload your sequence will be automatically encoded for web for easy viewing online (H.264/AAC).

But integration with Premiere Pro is just the beginning – coming fast on its heels are integrations with Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, and Illustrator. Did you know Wiredrive previews .psd and .ai files natively? Even with tons and tons of layers, there’s no need to reformat them to PDF or image files before you upload.

After Adobe, we’ll be jumping head first into lots many more integrations – like collaboration tools, storage, social media, and many others. We want your input – what other integrations do you need?

Redesigned Wiredrive Presentations

One of the best compliments we get here at Wiredrive is, “You make us look so good to clients / stakeholders.” Get ready, because you’re about to look even better.

Our newly redesigned presentations will maintain all the important preferences you know and love (your branding, password options, ability to expire at any time, etc.), but will get a much needed facelift – and some new features to help you continue to drive new business.


Some of these features you’ll see in our first release, and some will come soon after. We don’t see any reason to wait for it all to be done – improvements will flow out incrementally. So if you have feedback along the way – let us know. We’ll use it to improve presentations for everyone.

Here’s what you can expect in our first release next month:
360° video support – View and share your 360° video work easily with Wiredrive.
Responsive for easy mobile viewing on all devices – An equal opportunity experience for computers, tablets, and smartphones.
Optimized user experience – Including swiping on mobile, or use the arrow keys to skip forward and back. Easier is better.

Here’s what you can expect to follow in subsequent releases:
Threaded Comments – No need to say more.
Annotations – Draw right on videos and images for easier collaboration and feedback.
Real-time Collaboration – See actions and comments in real-time. We can’t wait for this one. Pretty sweet.

In-App Support & Help Articles

Everyone needs a little help sometimes – with in-app support, you’ll be able to reach our stellar Support team faster than ever. Connect with support, submit tickets, or browse through their amazing Help Desk articles without ever leaving Wiredrive.

But wait, there’s more!

Single Sign-on is currently in Beta and we expect general availability to kick off in the next month.
Easy embedding (oEmbed) is queued up and heading into development soon. That means you’ll be able to use Wiredrive to power your websites, add great looking videos to all your social profiles, and drop videos into apps like Slack with ease.

Like we said, this is just the beginning. We’re on a mission to make your process easier, faster, and hopefully a lot more fun. If you want to help us take Wiredrive to a new level, sign up for our Beta Program – we’ll be launching our Presentations Beta Program in the next couple weeks!

By Katie DiMento