Wiredrive + Adobe: Video production isn’t just about video

Last month we wrote about a lot of the awesome new features coming down the development pipe—and we are excited about every single one. This month we want to focus on a series of upcoming features that all focus on one thing: enabling creatives to move faster, be more efficient, and do it all from the comfort of the applications they use most.

Video is at the heart of Wiredrive, but most video (i.e. films, TV, commercials, etc.) leverages images and design work in the production and post production process, as well as in related marketing and promotional campaigns. That makes images and design files pretty darn important to our users—and to us. In fact, we did a survey asking which creative authoring tools our users leverage most, and it turns out that Adobe Premiere Pro & After Effects were pretty much tied for first (almost 70% of respondents use them daily), with Photoshop (58% use it daily) and Illustrator coming in close behind (45% use it daily).

This taught us something important: To truly support video production projects we need to focus on not just video editing and motion graphics (the obvious stuff), but also the building blocks used in those videos, and the assets for supporting campaigns.  Bottom line: Video production isn’t just about video. Our response? Instead of just doing an integration with Adobe Premiere Pro, we’re rolling out integrations with four key Adobe Creative Suite apps—Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, & Illustrator.   

Here’s our launch pipeline for these integrations:


Adobe Premiere Pro

Expected Release: Mid June

We launched the private beta for our Adobe Premiere Pro integration last week—yeah! We have a couple minor changes to make, but overall it’s been pretty smooth sailing. Best of all, the majority of beta testers are saving over an hour a day when they use the extension to import from and upload videos to Wiredrive. That’s a serious time savings.

Also—a quick shout out to our beta testers for the Premiere Pro integration—thank you again for your help!  


Adobe After Effects

Expected Release: Early July

Since virtually every single professionally made video includes some kind of visual effects, After Effects is the natural follow up to our Premiere Pro integration. We estimate close to 60% of our user base uses Ae every day. With the Wiredrive Integration, you’ll have all the functionality we included in the Premiere Pro integration, including encoding to H.264/AAC on upload to Wiredrive for easy web viewing every time. It will do all the encoding in the background without even opening Encoder, so you can work on other projects in After Effects while you wait.

Plus, you’ll be able to import multi-layer .psd files direct from Wiredrive, then expand and browse all the individual layers, so you can use just the ones you need. Pretty sweet.

The After Effects beta program launches on June 10, so if you’d like to participate please sign up ASAP to be a Wiredrive beta tester.


Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator

Expected Release: Mid July

If you’re counting megabytes, Wiredrive is home to mostly video files.  But if you’re counting the number of files, Wiredrive is home to mostly images. Images are a critical deliverable and creative building block for our users: over 58% of respondents to our Integrations survey use Photoshop on a daily basis, and over 45% use Illustrator on a daily basis.

And don’t forget, Wiredrive natively previews .psd and .ai files. No need to flatten them down before you share them with stakeholders. They’ll show up beautifully in Wiredrive, even when they’ve got tons of layers.

Want to be a beta tester or help us decide what integration to do next?We put all new features through a beta phase to ensure work as intended, truly address user needs, and to get feedback on follow on features.  If you’re interested in providing constructive feedback to help shape the future of Wiredrive, sign up today. The After Effects beta will kick off approximately June 10th—the first person to find a bug in the beta gets a free Wiredrive t-shirt!

By Edan Shekar