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Wiredrive is a versatile online platform that has become the best embedded collaboration module and repository for your video editing system. It can significantly improve timelines, and it makes video review and approval simple, easy, and fast - ultimately saving your team time and effort when collaborating amongst each other and with clients. Wiredrive’s solution not only quickly organizes files, it also allows for internal commenting, reviewing, and approving.

As the leading film production collaboration software and creative media management tool, Wiredrive surpasses those of any other softwares by providing access to a cloud-based repository to pull assets for video editing into the Adobe Premiere Pro module and allowing for seamless collaboration for professional HD video editing. You can upload large files faster than on most other platforms, making film production, and post production stress free. From video files (.mp4, .mov, .avi), audio (.wav, .aiff, .wma), image (.jpg, .cr2, .tga), and applications (.psd, .pdf, .zip, .doc), Wiredrive makes sharing and working with rich media and various file types easy. You can drag and drop multiple video files at one time and create multiple simultaneous upload threads. One of Wiredrive’s strongest properties as a digital video review and approval app is its ability to preserve HD quality throughout transfers.

For teams, agencies, and companies involved in creative production, Wiredrive is the perfect solution when it comes to embedding into digital video editing workflows. Because you are able to converse so easily with the rest of your team, you can instill a smooth and simple system, optimizing your workflow. Wiredrive allows collaboration with video editing and film production to be its absolute best: simple, easy, and fast!

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