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5 Blockbuster Ads from the 2016 Super Bowl

Counting down the days until Super Bowl 51: if last year’s commercials are any indication of what’s to come, we’re in for some real popcorn entertainment. At Wiredrive we not only look forward to the big game on Super Bowl Sunday, we also look forward to the biggest commercial showdown of the year. In anticipation


Wiredrive Proudly Sponsors Women in Film

While conversations on gender equality in the film industry have always been happening, they have really been thrust into the spotlight with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs investigating the industry’s hiring practices to uncover gender biases. Additionally, the recent Free the Bid initiative which has gained a huge following over social media pushes to amplify the voices of female directors in the advertising industry.


Thank You for Voting Us #1 Highest User Adoption for DAM!

When it comes to Digital Asset Management, G2 Crowd’s Fall results show that Wiredrive is pretty DAM good. The popular secure video sharing software has eclipsed the competition with a user adoption rate of 86 percent.


“Mixing Realities” Kickoff for VRLA Event Recap: A Glimpse into the Future

We recently completed a many month project to increase the speed and reliability of uploads and downloads to Wiredrive. The goal of the project was to speed up upload times by 20% from locations outside of the United States. By analyzing customer usage traffic patterns, our current vendors, and internet peering agreements we were able to reach our goal.


How 360° Video is Transforming Viewer Experience

For brands already working with video content or looking to start, the emergence of 360° video is an exciting concept. It is still quite new for consumers, and it offers companies a new method of creating big impact content that is immersive and spectacularly visual.


VR & 360°: Deep Thoughts on NAB 2016

It was the first jaw-dropping moment in a series of 360° and virtual reality demos last week in Las Vegas at NAB – a.k.a. The National Association of Broadcasters Conference. Over the next two days, I stood inches from the cellists of the Berlin Symphony Orchestra; I rode in the back of a convertible driving through LA; I even had time for a quick beach vacation.


Wiredrive and Project Everyone go to Cannes

With Cannes fast-approaching and Project Everyone gearing up to get the creative community involved, I started to reflect on the power of our industry to craft a message, amplify it, and move people to action. We’ve created viral campaigns that make people roll with laughter or well-up with emotion; we’ve made people feel connected and, most importantly, we’ve moved them to action. And now we have the opportunity to harness that collective influence and get behind Project Everyone.