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Part of our core values that our brand is built on is making it easier for creatives to share and collaborate so that they can focus on what they do best – their creativity and work. We continuously strive to make this experience faster and easier and it’s one of the reasons we’re so proud to share the results from the G2 Crowd’s Fall 2016 Implementation Index, where we were voted Highest User Adoption and came in as one of the top companies for Overall Implementation score and Ease of Setup. We’re so proud to see these results as they were voted by you, our customers! Thank you for letting us know your thoughts and sharing with us what is important to you and your work.

Wiredrive Tops G2 Crowd’s Fall DAM Results

G2 Crowd Fall 2016 DAM results show users are adopting Wiredrive’s software at an incredible clip.

When it comes to Digital Asset Management, G2 Crowd’s Fall results show that Wiredrive is pretty DAM good. The popular secure video sharing software has eclipsed the competition with a user adoption rate of 86 percent.

Using G2 Crowd’s website, hundreds of creative and business professionals reviewed their experiences of 19 different DAM companies. G2 Crowd’s director of research, Marty Duffy, says that the probability of these users adopting Wiredrive’s software is far above the industry mean.

“In the Fall 2016 Implementation Index Report for the Digital Asset Management category, Wiredrive was awarded the highest user adoption award, beating the average by 21 percent,” said Duffy.


Digital Asset Management businesses provide a secure place for companies to catalogue, store, share, and collaborate on digital assets.

In addition to Wiredrive’s outstanding User Adoption results, they came in at a close second in G2 Crowd’s Overall Implementation Score. The Implementation Score employs a combination of User Adoption, Ease of Setup, and Implementation Time results to determine the relative implementation quality of a company. Wiredrive scored 8.4 out of a possible 10 points, far above the 7.5 average.

Their high rates of customer satisfaction may be explained by their history of adapting their product to fit the needs of the consumer. Wiredrive recently paired with Adobe to fluidize the user experience for the many clients that use both companies’ software. In addition, Wiredrive uses beta programs that actively weigh user feedback in order to troubleshoot in real time; this ensures the optimal quality and customer satisfaction with each release.

Wiredrive CEO Taylor Tyng credits their success to complete dedication towards the needs of the customer.

“Experience is everything when your goal is to remove complications of creative workflows, whether that’s from quick media sharing or deeply embedding into authoring workflows like Adobe. If you can’t make it instantly then obviously then you shouldn’t expect long-term happiness and strong adoption. It takes great technology, devoted staff, and dedicated customers who all partner to create long-term, high-utility products.”

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So what are our users saying about us?

“Nothing but net. So far Wiredrive has been a fantastic filesharing service for me. You can send links and even share it in a manner that keeps track of who views it, you can even set links to expire at a specific time. My company uses Wiredrive almost exclusively due to it’s reliability. Recently, we started sharing the files in a specific way that allows us to keep track of who is viewing the content shared. Due to recent security issues, this helps us keep tabs on where the content is going, and therefore helps keep things under wraps.” –Korey

“An Excellent Tool for Professionals. I really enjoyed how easy Wiredrive is to use. The process of uploading files, managing content and creating links feels smooth and efficient. I also really like the Library feature and its presentation style links.” – Nicolas

“Wiredrive continues to be immensely useful in my daily workflow. Wiredrive is easy to upload, organize and send media to clients for review and delivery. It was easy for our teams to get on board and start using it right away. A must for video production services.” – Nick

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