Presentations: Post-launch update

A few weeks ago, we launched a brand new version of Wiredrive Presentations.  Here’s a list of some of the issues we’ve uncovered and resolved since the launch:

Functionality Issues

  • The fullscreen function was only available for Quicktime videos in OS X.  We’ve built a new fullscreen option that works on all audio and video assets across all current browsers for both OS X and Windows.
  • Fill/Max selections in the file detail carried over when switching between files.  They now reset for each asset.
  • Reels that had an image or PDF first in the sequence were advancing to the second file before the presentation had finished loading.  The auto-advance timer now initiates once the page has fully loaded.
  • The HTML5 video player was not playing all videos correctly in Chrome because of a bug with the browser. We’ve reconfigured our playback strategy to use a different video player in Chrome until the issue is resolved.
  • The modified RSS URL format was not compatible with new reels (existing RSS-powered sites were not affected).
  • Users were unable to send single file presentations if the file did not have a custom thumbnail image.
  • Internet Explorer 9 was not auto-advancing in Library reels when using Quicktime.
  • The Podcast button was not automatically opening iTunes.
  • Comments in Gallery presentations could not be saved in Internet Explorer 7.
  • Empty reels were showing an endless loading indicator.
  • Plain-text Bundle emails did not preserve line breaks.

Style Issues (Fixed)

  • Larger customer logos created a smaller video playback area from some users.  The header now reduces (depending on logo size) to increase the size of the video playback area.
  • Thumbnail images in Bundle emails were reduced.  They have been resized to their original, larger dimensions.
  • The “View” buttons in Bundle presentation emails were replaced with text links.  The text links have since been removed in favor of re-adding the “View” buttons.
  • The font size in the message body of Bundle emails was too large and has been reduced.
  • Some videos in Firefox displayed a white border when clicked.
  • HTML5 audio files displayed a clear drop shadow in Safari.
We do a great deal of quality assurance before deploying any new features, but there will always be issues that only come to light when we expose our code to real-world situations. Thanks to all of our customers who reported problems and sent in suggestions. Your valuable feedback helps us make Wiredrive better for everyone.
By Lindsey Jones

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