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New update notifications

In an effort to communicate with more of our user base, we’ve added a new “Updates” item to the main menu of the Wiredrive application that links directly to the Updates section of our website. Now, when users log into Wiredrive, they will see a small numerical indicator that lets them know if there is


System updates to database, search, forms, and menus

Database speed, optimization and search improvements Wiredrive has contracted with Percona™—one of the largest, most respected MySQL consulting firms—to completely optimize our database.  We are pleased to report that these optimizations have: Significanty increased performance for search queries and data load times (up to 75% faster) Eliminated queries that put stress on our servers and


Presentations: Post-launch update

A few weeks ago, we launched a brand new version of Wiredrive Presentations.  Here’s a list of some of the issues we’ve uncovered and resolved since the launch: Functionality Issues The fullscreen function was only available for Quicktime videos in OS X.  We’ve built a new fullscreen option that works on all audio and video