System updates to database, search, forms, and menus

Database speed, optimization and search improvements

Wiredrive has contracted with Percona™—one of the largest, most respected MySQL consulting firms—to completely optimize our database.  We are pleased to report that these optimizations have:

  • Significanty increased performance for search queries and data load times (up to 75% faster)
  • Eliminated queries that put stress on our servers and slow down the application speed
  • Improved the functionality of Library search to include partial-word searching
  • Fixed known issues with ordering results

Rebuilt send forms

As part of the preparation to release our new UI, we’ve rebuilt our presentation send forms in both Projects and Library.  Changes include:

  • Streamlined information and layout between forms to eliminate inconsistencies
  • Reduced overall form height and optimized layout for better use on tablets and smaller laptops
  • Consolidated email image options to reduce wasted space
  • Larger message fields for easier typing and review
  • Smarter forms that remember presentation settings based on previous preferences
  • Enhanced expiration date and time options for Library Presentations (perviously, users could only choose date)

Application menu

Along with the send forms, we’ve updated the application menu UI for easier navigating, especially on touch interfaces.

By Lindsey Jones

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