Wiredrive June Product Update: Adobe Integrations, 360° Video, and Under the Hood

Launching today: 4 Adobe Integrations!

Summer is finally here – and if the rest of the summer is anything like today, it’s gonna be a hot one. Like the weather, things are starting to heat up here at Wiredrive too. The product development team is really hitting their stride – and that means more new features, faster!

Adobe Integrations Launch: Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, & Illustrator!

Last month we talked about the four upcoming Adobe Creative Cloud integrations – Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, & Illustrator – and the release timeline, which started this week and spanned through late July.

We lied. Instead of launching them one at a time, we’re proud to announce that the public beta for ALL FOUR is LIVE today! To add it to your Creative Cloud apps, check out the Wiredrive page in the Adobe Add-on Store, and click the blue button that says “FREE”!

We can’t wait to hear what you think – so send us your feedback at betafeedback@wiredrive.com and download via our integrations page.

360° Video: Private Beta Coming Soon

VR has officially landed – and the team here is pretty much obsessed with it. And from the feedback we’ve received about adding 360° video support into Wiredrive, we can see you are too. The team has been hard at work building a new player, and we’re looking forward to having you take it for a spin soon.  

To ensure we can support 360° on mobile devices, we will be updating the presentation URL structure this week. Going forward all presentation links will be short, e.g. wdrv.it/123456789, similar to what short links look like today. The long links sent via email will no longer exist. Presentation links sent via email will also be short. Want more details? Check out the Wiredrive Help Center for more information.

The 360° video private beta will launch sometime in the next month, so sign up for the beta program ASAP – space will be limited!

Presentations: Redesigned & Responsive

Collaborating with external stakeholders for review & approval is one of the most critical parts of any project. You need to get the content you’ve made in front of the right eyes quickly. It’s got to be fast. It’s got to be branded and beautifully presented. And most of all, it’s got to be reliable.

It goes without saying that presentations are one of the most critical parts of Wiredrive. We know you rely on it them on a daily basis – and the presentation is a reflection of your professionalism and brand. So we’re really excited to kick off development this week on our newly redesigned, responsive presentations.

Here’s a sneak peek at what the new presentations will look like:

Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Presentation Views

Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Presentation Views

Under The Hood: Multi-CDN & Deploy Pipeline

To keep Wiredrive running like a well oiled machine takes constant effort and improvement under the hood.  Improvements to the backend are not as obvious – but they are the glue that holds it all together. We’re very lucky to have a brilliant engineering team, and this month they delivered some pretty cool improvements behind the scenes. Read more about what happened Under The Hood this month.

Wiredrive’s Multi-CDN Strategy

Every second we can shave off gives you back valuable time. We are always looking for ways to improve Wiredrive’s speed. TechOps is obsessed with making downloads and uploads as fast as possible. We recently deployed a new CDN strategy – and it’s ‘delivering’!  Want to know how we did it? Read more….

Just Ship It Already: How Wiredrive Took Deploys from Hours to Minutes

As you might have noticed, one of our goals this year is to bring lots and lots of improvements and new features to our users. To get that done, the ability to quickly deliver great code is key.  But new features don’t just magically appear when they’ve passed testing – they still need to be deployed. We recently improved our deploy time from hours to less than 20 minutes.  Want to know how we did it? Read more…

Coming This Summer to a Wiredrive Near You:

We’ve got a lot in store for you – so stay tuned for our next episode!

    • Wiredrive Go 2.0: That’s right – it’s getting some serious love!
    • Presentations & Email Redesigns: If you think we make you look good to your clients today, just wait til you see what we’ve got in store.
    • Presentation Management for Projects: You’ll be able to create and manage presentations just like you do in the Library.
    • Tons More: Like bulk management, metadata enhancements, threaded comments and much more!  

And don’t forget to check out Wiredrive’s engineering blog posts this month to learn more about the magic under the hood.

By Edan Shekar