New Report Links, Analytics,and Data Export Options

We’ve launched several new features aimed at helping Wiredrive users access more system information with fewer clicks.

Directly link to reports from email notifications

The “Presentation viewed” notification email now contains a link to Wiredrive Reports that allows users to jump directly from the email to the corresponding reporting data for that recipient.

Extended analytics with

Our new “Get Link” feature utilizes to generate short URLs for Wiredrive presentations. offers some pretty cool view-tracking analytics, like referring sources and location information, that compliment the data available in Wiredrive Reports quite nicely.  We’ve included a link to this additional tracking data in the Detail page of the Wiredrive report.

Export all project data and activity

The new “Export project data” feature lets Wiredrive users export comments, approvals, and other data for all files in a Wiredrive project to a single CSV file.  Previously, gathering this information required users to navigate to each individual file in the project and click the “Export” button.  Now, all project data can be exported with a single click.  The “Export project data” button can be found in the Info section of the Project Home page.



By Lindsey Jones

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