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Getting the most out of Wiredrive Projects

This webinar is designed to help administrators streamline work-in-progress workflows and become more efficient using the key features of Projects.


Video encoding for the web

Ensure your video looks and performs its best. Join us for this webinar on best practices of video encoding and playback for modern web browsers and mobile devices.


Find it faster with new search features!

With our new type-forward search features, all your media, projects and presentations are just a few keystrokes away. Check out the video above to learn more about the better, faster way to search Wiredrive. Highlights: Type-forward search filters and displays results as you type Access project rooms directly from the search bar Search the My


New Report Links, Analytics,and Data Export Options

We’ve launched several new features aimed at helping Wiredrive users access more system information with fewer clicks. Directly link to reports from email notifications The “Presentation viewed” notification email now contains a link to Wiredrive Reports that allows users to jump directly from the email to the corresponding reporting data for that recipient. Extended analytics with


Password-Protected Presentations, Short-Links, and More!

We’ve just released several new features for Wiredrive Presentations. Check out the video above for a brief tour. New presentation features: Generate presentation links Require passwords Disable comments and approvals Set expiration dates for Projects presentations


New File Detail

We are pleased to announce the release of the new File Detail for Wiredrive Projects. Check out the video above to learn more: Feature highlights: Modified navigation and activity panels In-line design New Media Player with support for larger video and images Full-screen mode Apple ProRes playback Multi-page PDF viewing (iOS compatible)