Wiredrive welcomes Paul Horn – Customer Advocate

At Wiredrive, we’ve always tried to address our customers’ needs by putting ourselves in their shoes. This year we went a step further and actually hired one of our customers!

As a producer at Wojahn Bros Music, Paul Horn was an ardent Wiredrive user. He became such a champion of the application that we brought him on board to help us create an even better experience for our users. As Wiredrive’s new Customer Advocate, Paul will be making sure all of our customers are truly thrilled with the Wiredrive service and are getting the maximum return on their investment.

As Paul put it, “Customers are great, but I want more diehard Wiredrive fans. My goal is to dole out at least one Wiredrive tattoo by the end of my first year … I hope they’ll let me expense the ink!”

By Taylor Tyng

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