Wiredrive Integrates with Dropbox

Today, we’re thrilled to announce a significant expansion into the world of sharing, uploading and collaborating by partnering with Dropbox to help our joint customers collaborate even more easily and securely on their content from virtually any place and any device.

With the use of both systems, you can now import content stored in personal Dropbox accounts directly into your company’s Wiredrive system, allowing you to use rich media workflows for work-in-progress, sales reels, and creative pitches.

Saving time by saying goodbye to time delays downloading files to your desktop, only to upload them into Wiredrive all over again. With Wiredrive’s Import from Dropbox integration, you can upload in one simple action, leaving you time to do other things.

Improve your team’s collaboration efforts when working on an important deadline with colleagues and clients. Upload as many files as you need from your Dropbox account into your Wiredrive project and quickly present, view, approve, comment and report on project activity in real time.

Convenience: Already have a Wiredrive and Dropbox account? Then you are set! There’s no need to create an additional user accounts. Just use the ones you already have. It’s that simple.

By Lindsey Jones