Why to Use a Team Collaboration App for Your Next Media Project

Collaborating with a team can mean a fount of new ideas, creative solutions, and brilliant plans. It can also mean a perfect recipe for miscommunication and technological frustration, but team collaboration is inevitable – as is the need to share files online.

Working with other professionals in your field isn’t quite as nightmarish as a high school group project, but it’s still fraught with potential dangers. Sometimes files don’t send, or videos don’t play. One person wants to use Google Drive, but the other is all about Dropbox. People lose track of what’s been done already. There’s no consistent branding across all platforms. Chaos ensues.

The only guaranteed way to save yourself and your team from a world of broken links and malfunctioning fax machines is to find a trustworthy team collaboration app.

Programs like Wiredrive remove the roadblocks from team collaboration. Everyone has experienced the acute frustration of a failed video upload, but Wiredrive’s selective transcoding ensures crystal-clear playback every time. Wiredrive’s digital library means that all of your work-in-progress and final media assets are safely stored in one central, searchable hub. You won’t have to stress over creating a branded experience because Wiredrive allows you to feature your brand on every email, reel, and presentation you send.

Now that we’re all past disorganized group projects, it’s time to ditch the rudimentary methods of file sharing. Glitchy videos are fine for sharing Youtube clips, but not ideal for presenting the professional face of your company. To upload larger files without a hitch, you need a fast, commercial-grade collaboration app.

With Wiredrive, there’s no need to download software for instant playback on uploaded videos and all major formats are supported with no lagging.


Team Collaboration App


Sometimes the challenge of collaborating goes beyond the chaos of uploading, though. Collaboration is all about communication. There’s the issue of keeping track of multiple moving parts, making sure that every media asset is reviewed and approved before it heads out into the world, and remembering who did what when. Luckily, programs like Wiredrive are prepared to keep your team up to date with time stamps and comment tracking. Reviewers get an email alert with one-click access to a preview, so they can respond as soon as a new piece of media is shared. Leaving feedback and comments is easy and organized.

With an app to take care of the filing, comment tracking, and data protection, the team is free to concentrate on the important stuff. No one wants to spend precious hours of work time watching a video buffer or waiting for a folder to upload. A team collaboration app streamlines work and keeps track of every step along the way, so no one’s left out of the loop. A good  team collaboration app goes the extra mile to make sure that your final product is easy to share and consistent with your branding. Finding a reliable app that can handle your video uploads is essential to taking your team from frustrating to functional.

There’s no need to suffer through miscommunications and multiple fuzzy videos on multiple platforms. If you and your team want to skip the headache and start sharing files and feedback with ease, you need an app that’s designed with the sole purpose of making your collaborations hassle-free.

By Lindsey Jones