Upload large files to Wiredrive

Ken and Stefan are part of the development team here at Wiredrive. They like to test stuff. They poke, prod, tinker and tweak the application trying to break things and uncover weaknesses. Recently, they put our new uploader through its paces by throwing some pretty big files at it to see what would happen. We’re glad they did!

Wiredrive users can now upload files up to 20GB!

The maximum file size that can be uploaded successfully varies with each browser. Here are the results of our tests:

*The Java uploader (used with any web browser) can handle a maximum file size of 2GB

A few notes:

Although large video files can be uploaded to Wiredrive, they are not ideal for streaming purposes. If you or your clients intend to view video within the Wiredrive application, please refer to the Video Encoding Guide for our recommended settings.

Additionally, users that upload very large files may quickly exceed their storage capacity. To avoid overage charges, please check your Library and Projects storage report to ensure your Wiredrive system has enough allocated space to handle uploading files of significant size.

Happy uploading!

By Taylor Tyng

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