New Wiredrive Reports

We’ve completely rebuilt the reporting section of our application and added new features and advanced analytics to give our customers more insight into their Wiredrive systems than ever before. With new Reports for both Projects and Library you can view layers of information, ranging from general overviews of system activity to the specific details of a single presentation and see exactly what was sent, what was said, and what was seen.

Enhanced Viewer Tracking
With new Wiredrive Reports you can not only see what media your recipients clicked, but also the percentage of each file they viewed.
Recipient Detail Report
From approvals and comments to page-views and forwards, the new Report Detail page lets you see all the reporting information for a single presentation or bundle in one, consolidated location.
Top-line Statistics
The Summary section provides an overview of the information presented on each page of Reports and ranges in detail from general statistics to the specifics of an individual presentation.

Go back in time through your complete Wiredrive History
View detailed reports for any active presentation sent in the last five years, including all recipients, comments, approvals, views—even the original presentation message. You may not remember everything you’ve ever sent through Wiredrive, but we do!
Export Anything
Every page of Wiredrive Reports now has an export option that allows users to download the featured data with a single click.
Charts & Graphs
With new charts and graphs, you can see a visual representation of your Wiredrive activity in a given period of time, like the number of presentations sent, the number of recipients, or the number of unique and total page views.

Sales Rep Dashboard
Sales Reps now have a dedicated Reports Dashboard where they can see the details of every presentation they’ve sent and track viewing activity of each recipient.
Bundle Presentation Report
The Bundle Report is a new feature that allows users to track Bundle presentations with the same in-depth reporting analytics available for individual presentations, including a list of recipients, the files they viewed in each presentation, and the percentage-viewed for each file.
Usage Reports
Administrator level users can view the new Usage Report to stay up-to-date with the details of their current Wiredrive subscription, storage allocation and month-to-date usage. The report also includes a complete, fully-exportable usage history for both Projects and Library.

Measure Your Sales Team’s Performance and Activity
In Library Reports, the new “Presenters” tab organizes all sent presentations by the users who sent them and provides a complete overview of their activity.
Manage the Managers
In Projects Reports, the new “Mangers” tab displays a complete list of Project Managers, the projects they oversee, and the amount of system resources they are using.
By Taylor Tyng