Secure Your Sensitive Assets: Stay Safe from Threats

Creative and entertainment companies are often in the spotlight due to the high volume of sensitive content being produced. As a result, these organizations are at risk for hacktivism, cyber espionage, and other threats.

Due to the recent widely publicized cyber attacks, concerns regarding information security have significantly increased and companies must be vigilant in protecting their data and reputations. Security controls are a necessary investment in your business such as defense-in-depth, ongoing vulnerability management, intrusion detection, change management, and written security policies and procedures. It is estimated that the average cost of a data breach is $127 per compromised record.

Companies and individuals can protect their creative work and intellectual property and decrease the risk of potential loss significantly by knowing the risks. As our CTO, Daniel Bondurant explains—We are trusted by the leading agencies, production houses and brands to secure their valuable assets and it is a promise that I take very seriously.

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  • Security misconceptions about the creative workflow and budgeting
  • Main drivers for security in the creative industry
  • Data breaches statistics
  • Best practices and recommendations concerning security




By Edan Shekar