New presentations are here!

Your Wiredrive system is more than just a tool for getting files from point A to B; it’s an extension of your brand. When you use Wiredrive to share your media with colleagues and customers, you’re trusting us with your reputation. With that in mind, we have totally redesigned Wiredrive Presentations to ensure that your media always makes a great impression.

Reinvented Media Player. Bigger. Better. Smarter.
Better video for all
We’ve built an intelligent new media player with better support for H.264, WMV, SWF, FLV, and audio formats to ensure reliable playback across a wider range of browsers and platforms.
Huge previews
We’ve super-sized our image previews from a max of 640px to 1600px. Fill the screen with big, beautiful pictures or zoom in and read crisp, clear, legible text.
Multi-page PDF support
Wiredrive users now have the ability to view full-resolution, multi-page PDFs. Review production documents, mood-boards, style-guides and more without leaving your presentation.

All New Layouts. Beautiful. Modern. Responsive.
The Gallery
Layouts that come alive
We’re keeping all the focus on your media with elastic layouts that adapt and scale to ensure your files always display perfectly in any browser window.
Streamlined navigation
We’ve streamlined presentation navigation into a handy breadcrumb that is integrated as if it were part of your browser bar.

A better quickview
Large previewing, image zooming and file advancing.

File detail display – Out with the old, in with the awesome
– Smart auto-scaling ensures media automatically adjusts to your viewer’s browser experience
– New file carousel lets you quickly navigate files
– Fit-to-fill or zoom-and-drag to explore images in greater detail
– Inline display eliminates unnecessary pop-up windows

Smarter menus
New, consolidated toolbars provide control and functionality when you need it and disappear when you don’t.

The Reel
More than just video files
You asked; we listened! Because the new asset player provides unparalleled support for a variety of media formats, our customers now have the freedom to mix and match video, audio and still images for endless presentation possibilities.
Scales to fit, whatever the size
Whether it’s a massive monitor or tiny tablet, we’ve made sure that every aspect of our reel scales to match your viewer’s specific browser dimensions.
Give more credit to your credits
– 100% larger thumbnail reference imagery
– Detail panel syncs to playback and updates as videos sequence
– Full file descriptions and as many credits as you need
Powerful branding options
– Larger logos
– Flexible placement – left, center, right
– Huge background images with custom positioning
– Greater control of styles & colors, including transparencies

The Bundle homepage – your instant company portfolio
Wiredrive now creates a unique, dedicated landing page for every Bundle Presentation making it easier than ever to navigate between a group of reels and galleries. And, because Bundle pages are hosted online, you can integrate them directly into your website and create an easily customizable, branded portfolio in seconds.

Taylor Tyng

Co-Founder and CEO

Taylor has witnessed Wiredrive evolve from a resource management tool to changing the way creative people work around the world. One of Taylor’s primary tasks is allowing the company to scale while retaining its original values of innovation and curiosity. He received his B.A. degree from Skidmore College, and later went on to complete Stanford’s Executive Management Program for Growing Companies. Between spending time with his wife and two young kids, Taylor manages to play guitar, craft custom furniture, and enjoy California wine.

Taylor TyngNew presentations are here!

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