Improved tracking for short-links and embedded media

Since the release of our new Get Link feature, more than 70,000 short URLs have been created for Wiredrive presentations! Today, we’re making this popular sharing option even better with the addition of the new recipient-tracking label, which lets users add a custom tracking tag to any short-link or embed code.

Previously, sharing Wiredrive media via short-links or the embeddable media player made tracking presentation activity a little tricky because, once the link was taken outside the application and sent by email or posted to a website, Wiredrive had no way of knowing to whom it was sent or where it was embedded. Therefore, all the viewing activity associated with the presentation was attributed to the Wiredrive user that created it, not necessarily the person who viewed it.

With the addition of the new recipient-tracking label, users can now tag presentation short-links and embed codes with a custom word or phrase–like a name, email address, campaign title or website–that will make it much easier to identify the recipient and access important analytics in Wiredrive Reports.

By Lindsey Jones

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