Custom presentation layouts for iPhone

Your clients can now view Library and Projects presentations on iPhone. Wiredrive custom layouts for iPhone are integrated into the Wiredrive system, so you do not need to download an application or configure your settings to send iPhone-viewable presentations.

Your presentation emails on iPhone have the same look and feel as computer-viewed Wiredrive emails and are still branded with your company logo and theme. The features for iPhone-viewable presentations are listed below:

Sequential iPhone video reel playback

When recipients launch your presentation on iPhone, they have the option to watch an individual spot or view the entire reel seamlessly from start to finish. They can also view credits and file detail information.

Forward iPhone presentations

Forward presentations from iPhone

Your recipients can also forward Wiredrive presentations on their iPhone. You can track presentations forwarded from an iPhone in your Library or Projects report.

View file details on iPhone

View file presentations

Your clients can view file details and metadata in a horizontal or vertical display, as well as view files in full screen.
View folder presentations on iPhone

View folder and project presentations

Send folder and project presentations that your clients can tap through using the iPhone touchscreen interface. Clients can also view folder contents in a horizontal or vertical display.

Set approvals and send comments using iPhone

Use iPhone to send comments and approvals

Your clients and partners can comment on Projects presentations, video reels and media gallery presentations using their iPhones. A tap on the Comments button sends feedback to the last person who sent the presentation. Our approval feature for file and Projects presentations is also supported on iPhone custom layouts.

Open mobile browser formats on iPhone

Open mobile browser-compatible document formats

User iPhone to open PDFs, Pages documents and other mobile browser-compatible files from Wiredrive presentations. Your clients and partners can also view, comment and forward mobile browser-compatible files from their iPhones.

Video reel on iPhone

Do your videos play on iPhone?

You must make sure that your files are encoded for iPhone to take advantage of our custom layouts. If your files have not been prepared for iPhone playback, they will not play and your recipient will see an unplayable file error message. Please review our encoding guide for information about preparing your files for iPhone.

By Lindsey Jones

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