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How 360° Video is Transforming Viewer Experience

For brands already working with video content or looking to start, the emergence of 360° video is an exciting concept. It is still quite new for consumers, and it offers companies a new method of creating big impact content that is immersive and spectacularly visual.


VR & 360°: Deep Thoughts on NAB 2016

It was the first jaw-dropping moment in a series of 360° and virtual reality demos last week in Las Vegas at NAB – a.k.a. The National Association of Broadcasters Conference. Over the next two days, I stood inches from the cellists of the Berlin Symphony Orchestra; I rode in the back of a convertible driving through LA; I even had time for a quick beach vacation.


April 2016 – Monthly Product Update

Our mission at Wiredrive has always been to make the creative process for video and other rich media faster, easier, and more efficient. Now, we’re expanding our mission to connect the creative and business workflows, helping you get your content from idea to screen. Over the next twelve months you will see Wiredrive improve our existing feature set, and expand into new features for both creative and business teams.


The Best Way to Share Media to Improve Workflow

As any media company will know, a streamlined and efficient workflow is dependent on sharing media files quickly, easily, and reliably. Wiredrive was created with this in mind, giving businesses one file sharing site for all their media assets. Having a single centralized platform for all your media file management needs will ensure optimum media sharing capabilities and increased production workflow.


Complete Guide: Building Better Collaborative Teams

Team collaboration is one of the most essential elements to running a successful business. A collaborative workforce not only provides a more streamlined and positive environment for your employees, but it also ensures the utmost satisfaction of both your team and your customers. So how exactly do you go about building better collaborative teams?


7 Best Practices for Keeping Your Media Files Safe(r)

With the rise of cloud computing and cloud-based software, many of our files are now online, available to us at any time and from any device. Uploading and sharing large files has never been simpler, so your media production business can now enjoy all the benefits of cloud storage platforms. To keep your important files safe, yet still easily accessible, we suggest you include these simple-to-use best practices in your everyday routine.


Late nights, and the secret workhorse behind 95% of Super Bowl commercials

Even though the Super Bowl is a football game, it isn’t just about football. For millions of Americans and viewers worldwide, it’s about the action off the field…the commercials. From funny to shocking, heartwarming to awe-inspiring, viewers love Super Bowl commercials almost as much as they love the big game.


5 quick yet effective tips to get your files organized

A well-thought-out metadata structure can mean the difference between landing that big job and aimlessly searching for the right spots to send. Just like a book needs chapters, media files need metadata to help you find exactly what you need, when you need it.


Waveform Audio Thumbnails are Awesome!

Waveform Audio Thumbnails are visual representations of an audio signal or recording, showing the changes in amplitude over a certain amount of time. Waveforms give you a visual idea of what’s recorded and are good indicators as to when certain parts of a recording take place. Plus they look pretty sweet!