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Dropbox Alternatives for Agencies and How to Migrate

For nearly a decade, Dropbox has helped media companies and creative agencies collaborate on their projects with greater efficiency. While many have embraced the benefits the service offers, enough time has passed for teams to realize that Dropbox is not tailored to everyone’s needs. Specifically, agencies that work extensively with video have found that slow upload speeds, poor playback quality, and limited branding options make Dropbox an imperfect tool for their projects. As video becomes a more ubiquitous component of the digital landscape, the demand for an alternative option has grown.


Security Checklist: Easy things companies can do to increase security

You can break cyber security down to three basic areas: People, Process and Technology. All three are necessary to have a properly functioning digital security strategy. Below is a checklist of what companies can do to keep assets safe.


7 Best Practices for Keeping Your Media Files Safe(r)

With the rise of cloud computing and cloud-based software, many of our files are now online, available to us at any time and from any device. Uploading and sharing large files has never been simpler, so your media production business can now enjoy all the benefits of cloud storage platforms. To keep your important files safe, yet still easily accessible, we suggest you include these simple-to-use best practices in your everyday routine.