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Security Checklist: Easy things companies can do to increase security

You can break cyber security down to three basic areas: People, Process and Technology. All three are necessary to have a properly functioning digital security strategy. Below is a checklist of what companies can do to keep assets safe.


Present Your ProRes File in Under 4 Minutes

We’ve all faced it – late night edit sessions, final cut-downs, revisions, revisions and even more revisions. The video spot is almost done, it’s uploaded your online media-sharing software, and time to deliver a version to your various audiences so they can make decisions and provide feedback (post, VFX, review, approval). Time is of essence and you need to deliver the right version to each person to meet your deadline.


7 Best Practices for Keeping Your Media Files Safe(r)

With the rise of cloud computing and cloud-based software, many of our files are now online, available to us at any time and from any device. Uploading and sharing large files has never been simpler, so your media production business can now enjoy all the benefits of cloud storage platforms. To keep your important files safe, yet still easily accessible, we suggest you include these simple-to-use best practices in your everyday routine.


Customer Spotlight: Phoebe Owens

Tells us about your role at Wieden+Kennedy. I’m responsible for storing and organizing the agency’s finished creative work, as well as the corporate memory and context of our work, and making sure our teams have access to it. What does your typical day look like? I hunt down work and provide context behind it, such


Making a meaningful first impression with Wiredrive

What makes Wiredrive different than the tools you are currently using today? Wiredrive is a tremendous resource for us when it comes to business development opportunities because we’re able to review, approve, and pitch work in one single platform. We have an entirely cloud-based workflow (except for offline editing work), and Wiredrive is the final


Manage Your Media More Efficiently: Download our latest eGuide

Creative and entertainment companies are often in the spotlight due to the high volume of sensitive content being produced.


Late nights, and the secret workhorse behind 95% of Super Bowl commercials

Even though the Super Bowl is a football game, it isn’t just about football. For millions of Americans and viewers worldwide, it’s about the action off the field…the commercials. From funny to shocking, heartwarming to awe-inspiring, viewers love Super Bowl commercials almost as much as they love the big game.


CTO Daniel Bondurant on Wiredrive’s Security Practices

On April 7, 2014 the Heartbleed OpenSSL bug was announced and the Wiredrive ops team had all servers patched within hours. This is one of the most serious security related problems we have ever seen. Wiredrive relies on SSL to encrypt traffic between a browser or application and our servers. The encryption is necessary so


95% of Super Bowl Commercials Powered by Wiredrive Customers

A recent survey revealed 95% of commercial advertisements aired nationally during Super Bowl XLVIII were created by Wiredrive customers. “For most businesses, there are particular events that serve as informal measures of growth and achievement,” said Wiredrive CEO Taylor Tyng. “The Super Bowl has long been a way of gauging the impact of our service in