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Using Analytics on Your Media Files

No matter what type of content you produce, analytics play a major role in your ability to be successful. This is just as true for a video as it is for a listicle. By understanding what does and does not engage an audience, you can fine-tune your work in the future.


Tips for Showing a Client a Media Reel

If you work in video production or a similar creative field, your media reel is key to getting more clients. You have to make a great impression in a short amount of time. That means carefully curating your own work to make sure the best clips are on display, while also remembering that out of context, they might not have the same effect.


How to Use Cloud Based Video Management

For media agencies and creative teams, finding the right video management system plays a major role in boosting efficiency. Agencies needs to be able to easily organize their files, keep them secure, and access and share them quickly. Many are finding that cloud-based video management offers the perfect solution.