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Built For Rich Media Management Collaboration

Wiredrive was the pioneer in media file sharing software. It’s the simplest way to share files online, and sending large video files has never been so fast. In fact, Wiredrive has been proven to be the easiest tool with the smallest learning curve for its users. Its many different features make sharing videos online accessible and easy for teams and clients to connect. You can upload files in batches, create different themes, and bundle multiple presentations into one.

Spending extra time and processing power is no longer needed when you use Wiredrive because our media sharing is specifically designed to make it faster for you to share files online with teams, clients, and prospects globally. The cloud-based library allows you to simply search through all of your media with a structured metadata tagging system. You can find just what you need, exactly when you need it. Pitches, presentations, and videos will all be sitting right at your fingertips. Once your files are uploaded, you can track engagement throughout the file sharing process, and anyone with access can leave comments and notes for adjustments.

Our system scans all video and audio source files in order to guarantee smooth playback on any device. Our upmost priority is preserving the integrity of your work by keeping your original files. This allows you to easily share, track, and organize them without the need for duplicates and encoding. Collaborative workflow is never an issue because we safely store your uploaded source files. You’ll also never have to waste time or energy worrying about the technical challenges from playback quality to upload speed. In the end, you’ll have more time to focus on other aspects of your job, leading to better client relations and excellent workflow.

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