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Cloud-based video sharing website for secure share

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Cloud-based video sharing website for secure share

Wiredrive’s team of developers pride themselves on creating a clean, secure, private tool for its users. It’s simple to launch and administer to either use internally with your team, or to securely share information with external clients and prospects. Wiredrive makes setup easy and super accessible, so that it can be easily managed by anyone.

Within Wiredrive, there are flexible permissions that each user can customize based on their specific roles. We practice secure salted password hashing, and passwords are stored using the latest cryptography methods in separate databases. It is even possible to create password security and link expirations for non-system users. Password complexity and expiration rules are enforced in all environments, and multi-factor authentication is enabled in order to protect against password-based attacks. Wiredrive maintains and updates a suite of security policies and procedures, which comprise the Wiredrive Information Security Management System (ISMS).

Wiredrive has an A+ security rating, and is constantly monitoring for vulnerabilities with continual penetration testing. Your data is always secure because everything you upload to Wiredrive is hosted in a Tier 1 Data Center. Your encrypted cloud storage is always protected. Wiredrive is the perfect solution for ftp file sharing. Downloading and sending encrypted files can be done quickly, and your content’s rich quality is well-preserved throughout the process. With a protected network, secure video sharing is always guaranteed, and you never have to worry about losing any information.

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