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Wiredrive is an adaptable online file sharing site that has become the best platform to edit videos, share large files, and collaborate with team members and clients. It combines the benefits of large file transfer services, digital asset management, secure file shares, and project collaboration all into one single web application.

With Wiredrive, you can upload anything you want, any size, faster than ever before. We primarily focus on rich media sharing for videos, images, and audio, though you can upload and share just about anything digital.

One of Wiredrive’s strongest qualities is its ability to retain HD quality throughout large file transfers. You can drag and drop multiple files at once for uploads, and you can create many upload threads simultaneously. As the best file sharing site and media collaboration platform, Wiredrive saves you time and creates an easy workflow for everyone on your team.

As the leading platform to use for large file transfer services, Wiredrive outperforms other software and ensuring secure collaborative efforts. You can transfer large files online faster than on most other platforms, making work stress free. From video files (.mp4, .mov, .avi), audio (.wav, .aiff, .wma), image (.jpg, .cr2, .tga), and applications (.psd, .pdf, .zip, .doc), Wiredrive makes sharing and transferring rich media and various file types easy. Ultimately, file sharing will never be as quick and simple as it is with Wiredrive.

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