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Sync assets for review and approval without ever leaving your authoring environment

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Adobe Premiere Pro integration for Wiredrive


Adobe Premiere Pro

The fastest, easiest way for editors, producers, and Premiere users to create, edit, manipulate, import, and upload footage and sequences.

launching in: 9 days : 12 hours : 33 minutes

Adobe After Effects integration for Wiredrive


Adobe After Effects

Editors, VFX Artists, and users can save time by importing assets andĀ uploading compositions directly to Wiredrive without ever leaving After Effects.

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Adobe Photoshop integration for Wiredrive

Coming Soon

Adobe Photoshop

Bring your media directly into Photoshop, without the need to download and place. Edit, retouch, crop and scale, then sync back to you projects seamlessly.

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Adobe Illustrator integration for Wiredrive

Coming Soon

Adobe Illustrator

Sync illustrations, graphics, and patterns directly from the Wiredrive Panel andĀ upload images and files directly without ever leaving Illustrator.

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Dropbox integration for Wiredrive



Upload files directly from your Dropbox account. Media is synced from datacenter to datacenter providing faster transfer speeds than synced files.

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