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PaidContent Entertainment conference: Technology is changing the business of TV and web content

The London West HollywoodI’ve attended quite a few conferences in the last few weeks about advertising, film marketing (part one and part two), TV, and Internet. Speakers at the film conferences grumbled that some of the best content was migrating to TV, specifically cable. But panelists at the paidContent Entertainment conference on Nov 3 argued that web content is where it’s at, lending credence to the adage that the grass is always greener.

After hearing presentations from Mark Suster and Robert Tercek, 2012 sounds like the year that TV finally succumbs to the digital revolution. Always the master of setting expectations, Mark cautioned that these sort of predictions are dubious at best. Forecasts about technology usually overestimate its impact for the next three years, underestimate its effect in 10, and have been plain wrong for 20 years. Being too early (or too late) is the same as being wrong, but Suster and Tercek discussed why things will be different this year.
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