Wiredrive and Project Everyone go to Cannes


With Cannes fast approaching and Project Everyone gearing up to get the creative community involved, I started to reflect on the power of our industry to craft a message, amplify it, and move people to action. We’ve created viral campaigns that make people roll with laughter or well-up with emotion; we’ve made people feel connected and, most importantly, we’ve moved them to action. And now we have the opportunity to harness that collective influence and get behind Project Everyone.

In case you’re not familiar with the Project, filmmaker Richard Curtis has brought a group of talented people together to support the United Nations launch of their global goals. The simple but mighty ambition of Project Everyone is to share the global goals with 7 billion people in 7 days.


This project is of an epic level of ambition, and unlike anything I’ve ever seen before displayed in the form of art, messaging, and technology. That’s why when Project Everyone initially told me what they were trying to do, I somewhat joked,“So that’s all?” To be honest, I couldn’t get my arms around it. It felt too broad and unimaginable to tackle everything at once. But, I believe fervently that this is the right approach. Until we are able to address these challenges as a single, unifying societal issue, we’re missing the point. Systemic problem require systemic solutions.

So when Project Everyone asked Wiredrive to partner with them, I nearly jumped through the phone to say yes. I know that our customers are our greatest asset, and if I have any platform to speak on, it’s because we are lucky enough to have a relationship with the brightest minds and biggest creative forces in the world. I ask for each of you to learn about Project Everyone and share the message.

Don’t wait for message to come to you – it is there already to be understood and shared now at Project Everyone and United Nations Millennium Development Goals. Failure is not an option, and success is truly possible.

If you are going to Cannes, join us to learn more about how you use your talents for unending good. You are the influencers. You change hearts and minds. You shape habits and behaviors. Help us make this matter.

mike image Taylor Tyng
CEO, Wiredrive

Waveform Audio Thumbnails are Awesome!



Waveform Audio Thumbnails are visual representations of an audio signal or recording, showing the changes in amplitude over a certain amount of time. Waveforms to give you a visual idea of what’s recorded and are good indicators as to when certain parts of a recording take place. Plus they look pretty sweet!

The best way to experience waveform audio thumbnails is to just seen them. Click here to check try them out.

Video playback just got
a whole lot better!

This week we’re rolling out ‘Selective Transcoding’—an exciting new feature that enables nearly all your media files to playback consistently and smoothly in Wiredrive, no matter the format or resolution.

So, what is selective transcoding?

Wiredrive will play most audio and video files in their original format. So, instead of transcoding every file that is uploaded into Wiredrive, we scan every video and audio file uploaded into the system to identify and anticipate which files need our help to ensure they playback smoothly.

If Wiredrive will play the source file smoothly, we leave it alone. This is the case for nine out of ten files in Wiredrive.

For files that won’t play in their original format, we go the extra mile to identify exactly what is wrong. Then we create an alternate version of the file, transcoding only that parts that need it. For example, if the video is fine, but the audio needs to change, then the video stream remains untouched. This keeps the transcoded version as close to the original as possible, and enables it to play in the browser without a problem.

Why not just transcode everything?

First, let’s talk about why video files fail to play and why blindly transcoding everything isn’t the silver bullet.


The reason high resolution media files suffer during playback is based on how the files are played in the browser. If you are using a plugin, the plugin doesn’t have access to the computer’s video card so it has to decode the video in the CPU. At the end of the day this means that you get choppy playback and degraded video quality.


The broadest consumer solution is to transcode every video file and create many versions to ensure that the video will play on as many browsers, OSes, and devices as possible. This is just fine for watching Frozen™ on your iPad but when you are in marketing or production and you share professional-grade video files, this isn’t so awesome. Colors matter, quick frames matter, you get it.

Don’t transcode before you upload

With Wiredrive, there’s no need to add extra steps to the process. Since we selectively transcode for you, you don’t need to transcode video or audio files before you upload. Video and audio files will just play. Even very large, high resolution files, like ProRes, playback with the highest possible resolution (even with high bitrates!).

We keep your original file, so you can still download or send it just as easily as always. Just make sure you think about your system capacity before you go wild with uploads.

We never alter original files

We’ll say it just one more time because it is extremely important for us to maintain the original file, and we go to great lengths to make sure you always maintain access.  In all cases, the original file is never altered; we will never change the file you upload.  If a file is selectively transcoded, we make an alternate version for playback in Wiredrive only. You can feel confident that every file that’s downloaded is always the exact same file that was uploaded.

It’s already happening!

All newly uploaded files are going through the selective transcode process now. We are currently working in the background to convert all existing files.  This will take a few weeks to finish. If you would like to prioritize any files please contact Wiredrive Support.

If you would like to read more technical details, check out our support blog post.

Wiredrive Integrates with Dropbox

Today, we’re thrilled to announce a significant expansion into the world of sharing, uploading and collaborating by partnering with Dropbox to help our joint customers collaborate even more easily and securely on their content from virtually any place and any device.

With the use of both systems, you can now import content stored in personal Dropbox accounts directly into your company’s Wiredrive system, allowing you to use rich media workflows for work-in-progress, sales reels, and creative pitches.

Saving time by saying goodbye to time delays downloading files to your desktop, only to upload them into Wiredrive all over again. With Wiredrive’s Import from Dropbox integration, you can upload in one simple action, leaving you time to do other things.

Improve your team’s collaboration efforts when working on an important deadline with colleagues and clients. Upload as many files as you need from your Dropbox account into your Wiredrive project and quickly present, view, approve, comment and report on project activity in real time.

Convenience: Already have a Wiredrive and Dropbox account? Then you are set! There’s no need to create an additional user accounts. Just use the ones you already have. It’s that simple.

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